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Thematic files of the CEPEJ

This part of the site is devoted to the thema studied by the CEPEJ.

Sharing common concepts for the evaluation of the functioning of judicial systems

This file is based on a study session organised by the CEPEJ on 8 December 2011 and allowed an exchange of updated practices in terms of efficiency of the functioning of European judicial systems.  

Special file


Going beyond the CEPEJ's report some conclusions to be drawn

This file is based on a study session organised by the CEPEJ on 9 December 2010 and and gives more details on some issues of the CEPEJ evaluation report on European judicial systems published in November 2010. 

Special file


Measuring performance of judicial systems and Courts

This file is based on a study session organised by the CEPEJ on 9 December 2009 and handles with aspects like justice as a public service, reasons, methods, ways and indicators to measure performance of judicial systems and Courts. 

Special file


Dysfunctions within a court: how to highlight them? how to respond to them?

This file is based  on a study session organised by the CEPEJ on 30 November 2004, the purpose of which was to look at the mechanisms available to Member states when they are faced with dysfunctions in one of their courts. The idea was to take stock of the systems in force, think about what should be put in place and see how the CEPEJ could help improve these systems.

Special file


Justice serving citizens: How to improve the functioning of judicial systems for the benefit of users

This file is based on a study session organised by the CEPEJ on 2 December 2003, the aim of which was to look from the users viewpoint and see whether the responses offered by the people and/or institutions involved were appropriate or whether new responses need to be devised.

Special file


The users of the justice system vis--vis the slowness of justice: how to remedy?

This file is based on three reports on victims of crime, protection of victims and procedure of divorce.

Special file