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Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the CEPEJ
Strasbourg, 6 December 2012, 9.00

Elements for the message by Mr John STACEY,
President of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Ms Deputy Secretary General,
Mr President of the European Court of Human Rights,
Mr President of the Ministers’ Delegates,
Mr Representative of the Parliamentary Assembly,
Mr Commissioner for Human Rights,
Dear CEPEJ colleagues,

Ladies and gentlemen.

Today is a great day for the CEPEJ! It is a particular pleasure and honour to close this opening session of our special plenary meeting, I would like to thank all eminent speakers for their kind words, their strong support and their political commitment for our 10 year old Commission. I am pleased to see in this very high level presence at our meeting a sign of appreciation for our work, but mainly a strong signal that justice issues are at the core of the Council of Europe’s mission, as there is no Rule of Law or democracy where the justice system does not function with independence, efficiency and quality.
The CEPEJ has tried to play its role during the last decade to promote these principals of an effective judicial system in our 47 member states. In ten years.
CEPEJ has participated in developing a new approach to justice within our Organisation, which must be seen in terms of public policies – that are unique due to the fundamental principle of the independence of the judiciary, but still aimed at the court user and the citizen, that promotes specific organisation and operation procedures for our justice systems.
I will not detail the pragmatic work which has been achieved by our Commission, as much has already been said and as details will be given in a few minutes by justice professionals themselves, who have experienced our tools in their day to day life: such practical experience has much more value than any theoretical speech.

Thank you to all of you!
But my main intention is not to look back and congratulate ourselves for good results. As such results require us to move ahead. 10 years is a symbolic time, but the CEPEJ is still a young commission with a potential which has not yet been fully realised. Our member states do count on our further work, our new tools, our future guidelines to improve the efficiency and quality of justice for the sake of our fellow citizens.
To continue in direction, I would like to stress three essential elements:

The CEPEJ has still a long road ahead. I am convinced that CEPEJ, after having proved in 10 years its relevance and efficiency, can continue serving and safeguarding the development of the Rule of Law and thus, the Council of Europe’s core values. You can count on us!