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Congress of the International Association of Judicial Officers
Marseilles - 7th and 12th September 2009

The 20th Congress of the International Association of Judicial Officers took place in Marseille between 7th and 12th September 2009.

The CEPEJ - as an organisation in which the UIHJ is permanent observer member - was invited to such an important event. The CEPEJ was represented by Mrs Ivana Borzová, member of the Bureau.

Under the motto “The Judicial Officer in the Law, in the State, in the World” the Congress was attended by almost 1,000 participants and more than 60 delegations from four continents - Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

The Congress was divided into three workshops: (1) THE CHANGE - thoughts on harmonization of the classification of goods and the necessity of a new concept of contract law; (2) THE OPENING - towards a great profession of judicial officer: diversification of activities and multi-field occupations for the search of world standards of enforcement; and (3) THE GUARANTEE - the judicial officer, an essential element of the rule of law.
The contribution of the CEPEJ was placed in the third workshop in the section entitled “Principle and classification of norms”. The CEPEJ presented the relevant recommendation of the Council of Europe in the area of enforcement (Recommendation Rec(2003)17 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on enforcement Recommendation and Recommendation Rec(2003)16 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the execution of administrative and judicial decisions in the field of administrative law); it also described the activity of the working group on execution (CEPEJ-GT-EXE). The importance of the part devoted to the enforcement and execution of court decisions in the document “European Judicial Systems” was also stressed.
During the Congress an official ceremony of appointing two members of the Scientific Council of the UIHJ was held, as well as the election of 11 members of the Board for the term 2009-2012. Lastly, the Congress was an opportunity to thank the president of the UIHJ, Mr Jacques Isnard, who terminated his functions after 15 years of service to the profession. Mr Leo Netten (former 1st vice-president) was elected new President; Mr Netten is also known as a representative of the UIHJ in the CEPEJ Plenary Meetings and CEPEJ-GT-EXE.

Thanks to UIHJ for invitation and hospitality.

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