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Joint programme: "Strengthening democratic reform in the southern Neighbourhood" (Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan)

Launched in January 2012, this programme of an initial length of 3 years, aims to accompany democratic and political reforms in the Southern Mediterranean countries, following a demand driven and targeted approach. The Programme focuses on four specific objectives. In this framework of his component No. 1, the CEPEJ has been entrusted to proceed to the evaluation of the functioning of judicial systems of Morocco and Tunisia. The co-operation with Jordan has not started at the time being.

The activities will contain especially:

a global evaluation of the functioning of the justice in Morocco and Tunisia
a more specific evaluation of the efficiency of a panel of pilot courts
the enlargement of the evaluation of the efficiency to other courts
the design of a concret working plan for the pilot courts
the evaluation of the curricula of the magistrate's schools
the organisation of specialised training courses for justice professionals
the participation of national authorities in the activities of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ)



You will find on this page the list of activities foreseen in the coming days. To consult the complete list of coming and past activities by country, please go to the paragraph "Information by country" below.


Participation of Tunisia and Morocco to the 23rd plenary meeting of the CEPEJ [07/07/2014]

Delegations from Tunisia and Morocco, composed of Judges of pilot courts and senior officials from the Ministry of Justice of these two countries, participated to the 23rd CEPEJ plenary meeting which has been yheld in Bakou (Azerbaïjan) on 3 and 4 July 2014.
Agenda [fr]



CEPEJ experts will provide a training session on “alternatives to proceedings negociated procedures” and will meet the Minister of Justice of Tunisia [23/05/2014]

CEPEJ is organising a training session for magistrates and lawyers on “alternatives to proceedings and negotiated procedures” on 26 May 2014 in Tunis. During their mission, the CEPEJ experts will furthermore meet meet representatives from the National Order of Tunisian Lawyers and from the CEPEJ pilot courts; that is to say the Court of Cassation, First Instance Courts of Tunis and Zaghouan and the District Court of Zaghouan in order to take stock on the CEPEJ co-operation activities underway. It will be the first time they go to the First Instance court of Nabeul, which has expressed the wish to participate in co-operation with CEPEJ. The Minister of Justice of Human Rights and of Transitional Justice of Tunisia, Mr Hafedh Ben Salah will meet the CEPEJ experts and the representatives of the pilot courts for an exchange of views.

Training material (in French):

- Simplified procedures

- Sentence orders

- Examples of activities of jurisdictions



5th visit of CEPEJ experts to Morocco [22/05/2014]

A group of CEPEJ experts will go to Rabat, Casablanca and Agadir (Morocco) from 26 to 29 May 2014. The objective of this mission is to discuss with the Moroccan Ministry of Justice and Freedom the launching of satisfaction surveys, to obtain feedback on the training programme for CEPEJ Moroccan trainers implemented in Morocco in November 2013 in co-operation with the High Institute of the Judiciary and the Ministry of Justice and the organisation of a new training session. It is also foreseen to discuss the implementation of simplified notification procedures and to envisage implementation of procedures enabling to improve the efficiency in the enforcement of decisions of the administrative courts. The update of the statistical data furnished by the Moroccan authorities concerning the functioning of the judicial system will also be on the agenda of this visit.
Agenda of the meeting


Study visit of justice professionals and officials from the first instance court of Tunis to the Regional Court of Avignon [31/03/2014]

Six justice professionals and officials from the First instance court of Tunis will carry out a study visit to the Regional Court of Avignon on 31 March and 1 April 2014 on based on a programme drawn up by the the President of that Court, Mr Gilles Accomando. On this occasion, the Tunisian delegation will explore the daily functioning of management techniques recommended in the project sheets drafted with the CEPEJ experts in the framework of the above-mentioned Joint Programme: the registration and preparation of civil cases for trial, the registration and flow of criminal cases,and the preparation and use of scoreboards. A Conference-debate, open to justice professionals, officials and lawyers, will be held on the theme “Transformation of justice systems in Europe: a comparative approach” by Mr Jean-Paul Jean, President of the CEPEJ Working Group on the Evaluation of Judicial Systems.

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A complete training kit is available in French and Arabic for the Moroccan courts [25/03/2014]

The CEPEJ has published the necessary tools and materials for the Moroccan correspondents entrusted with providing training to improve efficiency of the judicial system. Eight powerpoint presentations on judicial statistics, judicial timeframes and the quality of justice, complemented by practical exercises as well as a 2 hours 50 minute video, will enable Moroccan courts, as well as courts from other French and Arabic speaking countries, to benefit from this training concept to improve the functioning of their system.
Training kit (in French)



Information by country

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