Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE)

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Ms Daniela BADICA
Chief Prosecutor
Department of International Judicial Relations
Prosecutors Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice


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Translations of relevant documents (if available)

Opinion No. 9 (2014) on "European norms and principles concerning prosecutors" - Avizul nr. 9 (2014) n atenția Comitetului Miniştrilor al Consiliului Europei privind normele și principiile europene referitoare la procurori

  Opinion No. 7 (2012) on the management of the means of Prosecution Services - AVIZ (2012) nr. 7 al CONSILIULUI CONSULTATIV AL PROCURORILOR EUROPENI PRIVIND MANAGEMENTUL RESURSELOR DE CARE DISPUN PARCHETELE

Opinion No. 5 (2010) : Public prosecution and juvenile justice - YEREVAN DECLARATION  / Opinia Nr. 5 Ministerul public si justitia pentru minori - DECLARATIA DE LA EREVAN

Opinion No. 4 (2009) on relations between Judges and Prosecutors - PRIVIND RELAŢIILE DINTRE JUDECĂTORI ŞI PROCURORI

Opinion No. 3 (2008) on the "Role of prosecution services outside the Criminal Law Field"
Opinion No. 2 (2008) on "Alternatives to prosecution" - Avizul nr. 2 (2008) Consiliului Consultativ al Procurorilor Europeni privind Alternativele la urmărirea penală

Opinion No. 1 (2007) on "Ways to improve international co-operation in the criminal justice field" - ModalităŃi de mbunătăŃire a cooperării internaŃionale n domeniul justiŃiei penale

Recommendation (2006) 8 on assistance to crime victims
Recommendation (2005) 9 on the protection of witnesses and collaborators of justice
Recommendation (99) 20 concerning the friendly settlement of any difficulty that may arise out of the application of the Council of Europe conventions in the penal field
Recommendation (99) 19 concerning mediation in penal matters
Recommendation (97) 13 concerning intimidation of witnesses and the rights of the defence
Recommendation (92) 1 on the use of analysis of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) within the framework of the criminal justice system
Recommendation (85) 11 on the position of the victim
Recommendation (80) 11 concerning custody pending trial
Recommendation (80) 9 concerning extradition to states not party to the European Convention on Human Rights


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