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  Country profile: ITALY


CCPE members


National documents

Mr Antonio MURA

Deputy Prosecutor General at the Italian Supreme Court
Palazzo di giustizia, Piazza Cavour


Replies to CCPE questionnaires

You will find the original questionnaires which have been sent to the members on the page "Preliminary works" devoted to each of the opinions.

Reply from Italy to the questionnaire on he quality and efficiency of the work of prosecutors, including as regards the fight against organised crime and terrorism (No. 11/2016)

Reply from Italy to the questionnaire on the relationship between prosecutors and police and/or other investigation bodies (No. 10/2015)

Reply from Italy to the questionnaire on relations between the prosecutors and the media (Opinion No. 8 /2013)

Reply from Italy to the questionnaire on "Management of the means of the prosecution services" (Opinion No. 7 / 2012)

Reply from Italy to the questionnaire on "Relationships between prosecutors and prison administration" (Opinion No. 6 / 2011)

Reply from Italy to the questionnaire on the Principles of public action in the field of justice for juvenils (Opinion No. 5 / 2010)

Reply from Italy to the questionnaire on "The role of the public prosecution in the protection of human rights and public interests outside the criminal law field" (Opinion No 3 / 2008)





Translations of relevant documents

Opinion No.9 (2014) on European norms and principles concerning prosecutors (Rome Charter) - PARERE N. 9 (2014) su Norme e principi europei concernenti il pubblico ministero (CARTA DI ROMA)
Opinion No. 8 (2013) of the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors on relations between Prosecutors and the Media - PARERE (2013) N. 8 DEL CONSIGLIO CONSULTIVO DEI PROCURATORI EUROPEI SUI RAPPORTI TRA IL PUBBLICO MINISTERO E I MEZZI DI INFORMAZIONE
Opinion No. 7 (2012) on the management of the means of prosecution services - PARERE (2012) N. 7 DEL CONSIGLIO CONSULTIVO DEI PROCURATORI EUROPEI SULLA GESTIONE DELLE RISORSE DEL PUBBLICO MINISTERO
Opinion No. 4 (2009) on the relations between Judges and Prosecutors in a democratic society - Dichiarazione di Bordeaux: Giudici e magistrati del pubblico ministero in una societ democratica

Recommendation Rec(2000)19 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the role of public prosecution in the criminal justice system


Links to relevant Institutions

Italian High Council for the Judiciary (CSM): http://www.csm.it/
CSM's web pages on CCPE: http://www.csm.it/ccpe/index.html
"Corte Suprema di Cassazione" (highest court in the Italian judicial system): http://www.cortedicassazione.it/corte-di-cassazione/
General Prosecution Office at the Italian Supreme Court: http://www.procuracassazione.it/procura-generale/
Ministry of Justice: https://www.giustizia.it/giustizia/
School for the Judiciary: http://www.scuolamagistratura.it/
National Association of Judges and Prosecutors (ANM): http://www.associazionemagistrati.it/