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A word from the Chair

Contemporary societies have a strong need for justice. Complex social relations, economic crisis and aggressive cross-border criminal organizations demand an effective reaction of the legal system. This response has to be quick and sharp, but at the same time it has to respect the rights of each person (as a suspect, a defendant or a victim of a crime).

These needs confront each other in criminal trials. Therein the role of the public prosecutor is central: he/she is a public official who prosecutes criminals in the interest of his/her community and in the spirit of impartiality and effectiveness.

The Council of Europe founded the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE) mirroring its wish to dedicate special attention to these values. The CCPE ensures that the Committee of Ministers receives contributions sharing the ideas and experiences of the representatives of the prosecution services from all the 47 Member States. These representatives are chosen among those serving prosecutors having a thorough knowledge of the functioning of the prosecution system combined with utmost personal integrity.

The same awareness had led the Council of Europe to approve the Recommendation Rec(2000)19: it is a milestone in the definition of the role of the prosecution service in the system of criminal justice. It outlines -in a State governed by the rule of law- the value of effectiveness and fair behaviour in public prosecution actions, as well as the independence of the prosecution service as an instrument to safeguard the principle of equality before the law for all citizens.

Since its establishment in 2005, the CCPE has contributed to make the principles of the Rec(2000)19 an integral part of the cultural background of prosecutors and of other public powers in each Member State. I can affirm that the main goals of my chair will be pursuing this work, trying at the same time to focus on an updated interpretation of the principles ratified in the Recommendation.

The CCPE main features are represented by a democratic method in drawing up its Opinions and an attention to the European Convention on Human Rights, as it endures in the interpretation of the Strasbourg Court.

At the same time, the CCPE has always been trying to reach concrete goals. The most recent example is represented by the Opinion No. 7(2012) on the "Management of the means of Prosecution services", where the CCPE has been looking for rational and effective lines of action, always underlining -however- that the present economic crisis should not lead to back down from the fight against criminal organizations.

The valuable contribution of all the colleagues who are members of the Bureau, of the Working Group and of the entire CCPE will always be following these shared values that qualify our function as public prosecutors.

Antonio Mura
President of the CCPE


The Bureau

Antonio Mura (Italy)
President of the CCPE  since January 2013


Raija Toiviainen


Vice-President of the CCPE since January 2013
Member of the Bureau since January 2009

Cédric Visart de Bocarme (Belgium)

Member of the Bureau since January 2011


Alessandra GIRALDI (Danemark)
Member of the Bureau since January 2013