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A word from the Chair

The Consultative Council of European Prosecutors will shortly be celebrating its 15th anniversary, having now firmly established its position within the Council of Europe. More than ever before, Recommendation Rec(2000)19 on the role of public prosecution in the criminal justice system remains the benchmark for all Council of Europe member states. In most member countries, however, there are still very major difficulties in terms of applying it. The work of the CCPE must therefore continue, and its opinions must go on serving as reference points when essential reforms of public prosecution are carried out.

The Rome Charter, which the CCPE adopted in December 2014, illustrates the CCPEs desire to be part of a dynamic approach to public prosecution. Society is changing and crime is becoming more and more international and constantly adapting to technological advances. Public prosecution services must adapt to these changes in their tasks, practices and priorities.

Their democratic role is more essential than ever. They have the duty of bringing to justice the perpetrators of crimes, especially those which affect the safety of individuals. They must show that they are up to the task by being as efficient as possible, while also being exemplary in the performance of their duties in terms of upholding human rights and the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The position of President which has been assigned to me is both an honour and a major responsibility. I will seek to promote a modern approach to public prosecution, which takes greater account of the most vulnerable groups, children and victims, and also to advance human rights and greater efficiency in the operation of public prosecution services. The difficult economic situation affecting most member countries is having sometimes very harmful effects on the work of public prosecution services, which no longer always have the resources they need for their tasks.  We must remain alert to this and defend public prosecution services position among democratic institutions.

In the discussions at the CCPE, I would also like us all to look at our own systems critically and independently.  Differences are a great asset in terms of experience.  Our role is not to defend a particular system but to promote better management, organisational and operating principles which go beyond our national systems and can be applied everywhere.

Lastly, I would like already to thank all CCPE members for the time and efforts which they will devote to the CCPE.

C. Visart



The Bureau

Cdric Visart de Bocarme (Belgium)

President of the CCPE since January 2015 - Member of the Bureau since January 2011


Alessandra GIRALDI (Danemark)
Vice-President f the CCPE since January 2015 -
Member of the Bureau since January 2013

Peter McCORMICK (Ireland)
Member of the Bureau since January 2015

Han MORAAL (The Netherlands)

Member of the Bureau since January 2015


Former chairs