Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE)

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About the CCPE...

 Its background

The Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE), a consultative body to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, was created by decision of the Ministers Deputies on 13 July 2005, with the intention of institutionalising the yearly Conference of Prosecutors General of Europe (CPGE).

The CPGE was launched in Strasbourg in order to ensure the follow-up of the Recommendation Rec(2000)19 on the role of public prosecution in the criminal justice system and met every year until 2006. By institutionalising this forum, the Committee of Ministers as well as its European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC), recognises the importance of closely involving Public Prosecution services of its member States in its work aimed at developing common policies and legal instruments related to their functioning and professional activities.

The first meeting of the CCPE took place on 6 July 2006 in Moscow.

Framework overall action plan for the work of the CCPE

Information leaflet

 Its composition

All member states may be represented on the CCPE. Members should be chosen in conjunction with, where such authorities exist, the national authorities responsible for prosecutors and with the national administration responsible for managing the prosecution service, among serving prosecutors with an in-depth knowledge of questions relating to the functioning of the prosecution system combined with great personal integrity. The European Union is also invited to participate in the activities of the CCJE.


List of CCPE members


The following States, holding observer status with the Council of Europe, may participate in activities of the CCPE: Holy See, USA, Canada, Japan, Kazakhstan and Mexico.

The following observers to the CCPE may send a representative to attend the CCPE meetings:

- the International Association of Prosecutors,

- the association "Magistrats europens pour la dmocratie et les liberts" (MEDEL).

The CCPE usually holds its Bureau meetings two times a year and is composed of four members:

Composition of the Bureau from 1st January to 31 December 2017:

- Mr Peter McCORMICK (Ireland), President of the CCPE

- Mr Jos Manual SANTOS PAIS (Portugal), Vice-President of the CCPE
- Mr Han MORAAL (The Netherlands)

- Mr Antonio VERCHER NOGUERA (Spain)


The CCPE usually holds its Working group meetings two times a year and is composed of the following members:


Working group for the period of 1 January to 31 December 2017



Alessandra GIRALDI (Denmark),

Ramazan KAYA (Turkey),

David MELKONYAN (Armenia),

Antonio MURA (Italy),

Franz PLCHL (Austria),

Sava PETROV (Bulgaria),

Cdric VISART de BOCARME (Belgium),

Jana ZEZULOVA (Czech Republic),

Vladimir ZIMIN (Russian Federation)

Substitute members:

Milica ANDJELIC (Montenegro)

Peter POLT (Hungary) 




Equality Rapporteur for 2017


Mr Sibel Demir SALDIRIM (Turkey).


 Its mission

The work of the CCPE is in keeping with the implementation of Recommendation Rec(2000)19 on the Role of Public Prosecution in the Criminal Justice System with the aim of developing common political and judicial instruments relating to the functioning and professional activities of prosecutors.


The CCPE has an advisory function on general questions. This function leads to elaboration of opinions to the Committee of Ministers. The CCPE can also sometimes be asked by other Council of Europe bodies to give an opinion.

  The CCPE is also called to promote the implementation of Recommendation Rec(2000)19  and to collect information on the functioning of the Prosecutor General's Office in Europe.

Terms of reference of the CCPE for 2016 and 2017