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Preliminary works of the CCPE

Reference document on European norms and principles concerning prosecutors


Preliminary work - preparation of the 9th CCPE opinion (2014)



The rights of victims, witnesses and vulnerable persons


The quality and efficiency of the work of prosecutors, including as regards the fight against organised crime and terrorism


Action of prosecutors within the framework of criminal investigation


Reference document on European norms and principles concerning prosecutors


Relations between prosecutors and the media


Management of the means of the prosecution services


Relationships between prosecutors and prison administration


Principles of public action in the field of justice for juvenils


 Les relations entre les juges et les procureurs


 The role of the public prosecution in the protection of human rights and public interests outside the criminal law field

Ways to improve international co-operation in the criminal justice field

For 2014, the Committee of Ministers entrusted the CCPE with the proper implementation of Recommendation Rec(2000)19 on the role of public prosecution in the criminal justice system and Recommendation Rec(2012)11 on the role of public prosecutors outside the criminal justice system, and, in this respect, with the preparation and adoption of an opinion in 2014 on issues which relate to the difficulties concerning the implementation of Recommendation Rec(2000)19 when dealing with the improvement of the prosecutions services in member States, in particular, a reference document on European norms and principles concerning prosecutors. The draft opinion will be submitted for adoption at the 9th plenary meeting of the CCPE, on 16 and 17 December 2014 in Roma (Italy).


Working group

The working group in charge of preparing Opinion No. 9 held its first meeting in Strasbourg on 27-28 March. The second meeting also took place in Strasbourg, on 19-20 June 2014.


Working group meeting report - 27 and 28 March 2014

Working group meeting report - 19 and 20 June 2014


The working group is composed as follows:

Gordana BOSILJCIC (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Joo Manuel DA SILVA MIGUEL (Portugal)
Hasan DURSUN (Turkey)
Jean-Pierre DRENO (Monaco)
Peter McCORMICK (Ireland)
Harald RANGE (Germany)
Elizabeth SIDWA (Poland)
Vladimir ZIMIN (Russian Federation)

Substitute members:

Olivier de BAYNAST (France)
Nelly HARUTYUNYAN (Armenia)


Reference documents


European Convention on Human Rights
All relevant case-law of the European Court of Human Rights concerning prosecutors
Recommendation Rec(2012)11 of the Committee of Ministers on the role of public prosecutors outside the criminal justice system
Recommendation Rec(2003)13 of the Committee of Ministers on the provision of information through the media in relation to criminal proceedings

Recommendation Rec(2000)19 of the Committee of Ministers on the role of public prosecution in the criminal justice system

Recommendation Rec(2000)10 of the Committee of Ministers on codes of conduct for public officials
Eight opinions adopted by the CCPE (including the Bordeaux Declaration, elaborated together with the CCJE)
Venice Commissions Report on European Standards as regards the Independence of the Judicial System: Part II The Prosecution Service (adopted in December 2010)
Relevant documents adopted by the Conferences of the Prosecutors General of Europe (CPGE) including the Budapest Guidelines (i.e. the European guidelines on ethics and conduct for public prosecutors, adopted in 2005)
UN Guidelines on the Role of Prosecutors (adopted in 1990)
UN Resolution Strengthening the rule of law through improved integrity and capacity of prosecution services (2008)

Relevant documents f UN special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers
Relevant documents, in particular Evaluating Judicial Systems (2012-2014 cycle) prepared by The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ)
The IAP (International Association of Prosecutors) Standards of Professional Responsibility and Statement of the Essential Duties and Rights of Prosecutors (1999)

Recommendations of the PACE on prosecutors (in particular Rec(1604) from 2003)