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4th session of the Conference of Prosecutors General of Europe - Bratislava (Slovak Republic), 1-3 June 2003

"Public prosecution and politics"

Prosecutors General and other prosecutors of Europe, together in Bratislava for their 4th conference, examined amongst other things the question of the relations between politics and public prosecution. They stated their preoccupation with partisan interferences that are carried out on many public prosecutors in Europe. They recalled the need for political authorities to do their utmost to promote public trust on public prosecutors. They stressed that on the other hand public prosecutors should not interfere with the competence of the legislative and the executive and must respect a strict obligation of impartiality in their respect.

This Conference is to be held within the context of the continued intergovernmental work carried out by the Council of Europe concerning the role of Public Prosecution, as well as its assistance and co-operation activities designed to reinforce the Rule of Law. It purports to contribute to establishing organised and stable co-operation between prosecutors from member and candidate States. The Conference was intended to bring together high level prosecutors from all member and candidate States, in particular state and regional prosecutors general.

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 Presentation by Mr Robert, Chair of the Bureau
Report by Mr Dujardin (Belgium) - French only
Report by Mr Pizzorusso (Italy)
Report by Mr Hontang (France)
Report by Mr Robert (Chair of the Bureau)
Report by Mr Van Der Laan (Netherlands)


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