Project : Support for Prison Reform in Ukraine

Service de la coopération judiciaire et juridique

Title Support for Prison Reform in Ukraine
Project area Ukraine
Budget EUR 1 000 000
Funding Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
Implementation Legal and Human Rights Capacity Building Department (LHRCB)
Duration 01/03/2011 - 28/02/2013 (24 months)

Overall objective:
The overall objective is to enhance reforms in the area of execution of criminal sanctions in Ukraine, in line with CPT and other Council of Europe standards and recommendations. The project will use a combination of approaches, such as policy advice and the drawing up of a sector strategy and/or road map; awareness raising; training, including management training and the necessary tools and curricula for effective training; and peer-to-peer contacts with other European jurisdictions.

The project’s final design and activities will only be decided upon at the end of the inception phase, based on the needs assessment to be carried out during that phase and the input from the Stakeholder’s Platform which is being established to discuss and adopt the main orientations and priorities of the project.

Among the aims currently being examined, which may be integrated into the final design of the project, are improving and strengthening the functioning of the probation service; promoting greater use of alternative sanctions; introducing programmes to help increase the prospects of successful reintegration of prisoners, as well as developing the professional skills and management capacities of prison staff. It may also include reviewing and strengthening the provision of health care in prisons. Other aspects may still be added in light of the work of the Stakeholders Platform