Project : Polish human Rights summer school

Service de la coopération judiciaire et juridique

Title Polish human Rights summer school

Project description:

The Council of Europe has decided to financially contribute to the organization of the International Human Rights Summer School, organized by the Polish Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, which is to be held in Warsaw from 26 June to 2 July 2011.

The theme of the Summer School 2011 edition is “Human Rights and Medicine” and covers several sub-themes which the NHRS Unit is already involved in addressing, such as rights of people with disabilities, most recently discussed in a workshop in Kyiv on the Role of National Human Rights Structures in protecting and promoting people with disabilities. Within its network of National Prevention Mechanisms (NPMs), the Council of Europe NHRS Unit has also set up the Independent Medical Advisory Panel to provide advice on medical matters to National Prevention Mechanisms (NPMs).

The Human Rights Summer School, which is an annual event initiated in 1990, will bring together leaders and activists of NGOs, young researchers and others for whom the knowledge about human rights is necessary in their professional activities. It is expected that the young professionals participating in the Summer School will subsequently act as multipliers and ambassadors for human rights in their everyday work.