Project : Access to Justice in Armenia
General information
Title Strengthening the Court Management System in Turkey (JP COMASYT)
Project area Judiciary
Budget EUR 5 500 000
Funding 90,91 European Union, 4.79% Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Turkey and 4.30.% Council of Europe
Duration 24 months (19 May 2011– 18 May 2013)

Overall objective:

  • The overall objective is to improve the functioning and efficiency of the judiciary according to European standards as foreseen in the Accession Partnership and the National Programme for the Adoption of the Acquis.

Project purpose:

  • To reform the Turkish court management system and establish a professional, effective and efficient court management system through dissemination of pilot court management practices and the creation of the functions of court manager and judicial assistant.

The following specific objectives will be pursued: