Société civile: présentation

Service de la coopération judiciaire et juridique


A lot admirable human rights work is performed by civil society actors who apart from concrete material assistance and advicacy work are often also involved in raising awareness of applicable human rights standards. In the European context the Council of Europe is the international organization with the by far most extensive range of human rights conventions, treaties and charters, the foremost of which of course being the European Convention on Human Rights.

Non-governmental orgaizations (NGOs) often use, promote and refer to these Council of Europe human rights standards when they perform their advocacy and awareness-raising work. Therefore it is natural that the National Human Rights Structures (NHRS) Unit, which forms part of the Legal and Human Rights Capacity Building Department of the Council of Europe Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs, is co-operating with, and supporting, NGOs active in spreading Council of Europe human rights standards