Compendium of the most relevant Council of Europe texts in the area of democracy

Country reports on local and regional democracy

Complete series

European Practice Reports

Complete series

Local Government in Critical Times: Policies for Crisis, Recovery and a Sustainable Future

Mapping the obstacles to inter-municipal cooperation in eastern partnership countries

Local finance benchmarking: a shared tool for improved financial management


Complete series


Local and regional democracy in Europe

Democratic Participation and Public Ethcis

Institutional Structure and Legal Framework

Local Finance and Public Services

Transfrontier Co-operation

SWOT Reports

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to Transfrontier Co-operation


SWOT 1 - Central Europe


SWOT 2 - Northern Europe


SWOT 3 - Comprehensive Overview

SWOT - Strategies and Euroregions for cross-border co-operation in Balkan and Danube European countries