Good governance

2nd meeting of the Steering Committee of the Project on Strenthening Local and Regional Government Structures in Albania, Tirana, 12 March 2014


[12-03-2014] The Project assistance to the Albanian Government with the matters of the on-going reforms including Territorial Administration Reform, support in implementation of the new civil service legislation, inter-municipal co-operation, decentralisation agenda and decentralisation strategy were so far highly appreciated by the authorities and all international actors.

Additional avenues for co-operation within the framework of the Project will be discussed and agreed upon by the Steering Committee that includes representatives of the Council of Europe, SCO-A and of the Albanian authorities. DG II and the Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reforms are represented by Mr Alfonso Zardi.

*The Project has been conceived as a follow-up (“Phase II”) to the “Strengthening Local and Regional Government Structures in Albania” project and is generously funded by the Swiss Government. It is foreseen that the current phase of the Project will last until the end of 2015. Phase II is a comprehensive intervention with both a political and a technical dimension. Both dimensions are complementary and will enrich each other.