Good governance

Working session on the introduction of protocol No 3 to the Madrid Outline convention


[19-02-2014] On 19 February 2014 representatives of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary, plus experts (from MOT, France, CESCI, Budapest and ISIG, Italy) met in Ljubljana to share information on and experience from current transfrontier programmes involving one or more countries.

They also discussed areas for further crossborder cooperation involving territorial authorities such as health care, transport and waste treatment. In this connection participants discussed also the relevance of Euroregional Cooperation Groupings established by Protocol No 3 to the Madrid Outline convention and the prospects of ratification of the said Protocol No 3 by their respective States in the light of and having regard to the ratification by Slovenia.


Protocol No 3 on cross-border co-operation of local and regional authorities by Auke van der Goot (NL)
The ‘Third Country’ issue
Introduction to regional challenges in Hungary by Nóra Bella Ivády, Head of Department of Cross-Border Cooperations for Territorial Public Administration, Ministry of Public Administration and Justice
Presentation of Regional Challenges-CROATIA
Cross-border Cooperation under the Republic of Serbia by Valentina Vidović, Legal Expert
Regional challenges of Slovenia by Dr. Roman Lavtar
Seminar on introduction of Protocol No. 3 to the European Outline Convention on Transfrontier Co-operation between Territorial Communities or Authorities concerning Euroregional Co-operation Groupings (ECGs) by Andrej Čokert