Good governance

Launch of Performance Management Programme (PMP), Creative Governance Steering Committee meeting, and preparation of peer review on local government reform, Malta, 30 June - 2 July 2014


[11-07-2014] - (anglais seulement) The launch of PMP which is the second component of the Creative Governance project, funded by Norway Grants. The participants (about 50 municipalities, association, and Ministry) learnt about the CoE Toolkit, UK and Norwegian experiences. The next step is the selection of pilots and development of PM indicators.

The SC discussed the progress so far and revised the action plan for the remaining time of the project which should end in April 2016 with the ELoGE award ceremony.

The project implementation and the peer review on local government reform (under CDDG, OB) were then discussed with the Junior Minister for Local Government who confirmed his interest and support.

It was agreed to have the next SC meeting on 15 September (morning); Peer Review on 15-17 September, the PMP training on 18-19 September.