Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


RUSSIAN FEDERATION (CHECHEN REPUBLIC) - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building†


Activity in 2012

Two seminars and one open event to all subjects in the North Caucasus District were organised in Moscow and Pyatigorsk.



Activity in 2011


New working method introduced for seminars, moving from purely training format to capacity-building. The aim being to provide Chechen Local and Regional authorities with more practical instruments ready to be applied in their own local government unit (LGU) and possibly shared with other neighbouring municipalities having a multiplier effect in the region

Evaluation session introduction to assess impact of Programme activities

Chechen LGUs representatives supported in the preparation of municipal plans

Seminar on development of local self-government in the Northern Caucasus organised



Activities in 2010


Five training activities in democracy and local self-government


Workshop on the leadership capacities of the newly elected mayors;

Seminar on the performance of the new competencies of the local authorities of the Chechen Republic;

Practical workshop on the social-economic planning o territories (Open to representatives of all Republics of the North Caucasus Federal District);

Legal assistance in developing normative acts in local self-government units;

Practical workshop on the fiscal competencies of local authorities (budgetary policies, increase of revenues, property tax).



Previous activities


Local government training activities





In co-operation with

Russian Federation for the Chechen Republic