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GERMANY - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building 


Activity in 2012

1st Information Meeting on the European Label for Innovation and Good Governance (ELoGE) at local level, Baden-Württemberg on October 2012 in Kehl

- supported by the Euro-Institute

- Representatives of the French local authorities of Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Suresnes which are also testing the Label, were also invited to exchange good practices.


The Kehl Meeting provided the opportunity to discuss the introduction of ELoGE in Germany, more especially in Baden-Württemberg, focusing on the relevance of such a tool for German local authorities as a whole, and the actions that this would entail. More generally, the meeting aimed at discussing ways of promoting, on a national and European scale, innovation and good governance at the local level.


As a follow-up, a clear set of to actions to be undertaken was agreed upon and a draft accreditation file of the future German national platform from Baden-Württemberg was prepared with the support of the consulting firm “Governance international”.


In addition, the cities of Offenburg and Freiburg supported the drafting of a detailed Toolkit on “Modern and effective human resource management”, in the framework the Joint Programme on “Strengthening local self-government in Serbia Phase II (2009/2012) They provided examples of HRM tools such as job profiles definition, recruitment and selection procedures and staff performance appraisal. This Toolkit was completed late 2012 and disseminated to all Serbian municipalities with the support of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia (SCTM)



Activity in 2011


Colloquy on the theme "participative local democracy in Europe: tendencies and evolutions” to discuss the meaning and added value of citizen participation at local level in Europe and the challenges to local democracy at European level


Presentation of ELOGE and the activities of the Centre in the field of citizen participation


Cities of Offenburg and Freiburg renewed their involvement in the implementation of the activities of the Joint Programme on Strengthening local self-government in Serbia



Activity in 2010


German officials from Offenburg and Freiburg have participated in the activities organised in the framework on the Joint Programme on “Strengthening locals self-government in Serbia” Phase II (i.e. PM and HRM at local level). Contacts have been established with several German municipalities and the Kehl Euro-Institute and the School of Public Administration of Kehl (Hoschulle) with a view to them participating in the testing of the European Label for Innovation and Good Governance at local level.