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Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


"THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA" - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building 


Activity in 2012

The Centre of Expertise supported organisation and implementation by the Bulgarian association of local authorities and ZELS, a cycle of the Leadership Academy Programme that took place and was aimed at improving the institutional leadership capacity of local authorities through improved leadership skills of their elected and appointed officials and through leadership tools given to local ownership. It was designed and implemented together with the Bulgarian and Greek participants.



Activity in 2010


Performance Management Programme (continuation)



Pilot municipalities independently developed Plans for Performance Management in the two identified areas: public cleaning and property tax.

Plans were submitted to ZELS and the Council of Europe for further revision.

A Final Conference was organised in April to present the results and to develop a strategy for dissemination of the programme to the other municipalities in the country.



Previous activities


Leadership benchmark project for local government



September 2006 – February 2007



Financial support from Government of Japan


In co-operation

National Association of Local Self-Government Units (ZELS) with support from the Ministry of Local Self-Government.



Consultation workshops


Project Outcome

Amendment and publication of the Leadership Benchmark and its self-assessment tool


Joint Programme on Capacity Building for Local Government



May 2007


In co-operation

EAR in Skopje



“Leadership Benchmark and Best Practice programme”

- Date: June 2007 - February 2009.

- Modules

a Leadership Development programme including further dissemination of the Leadership Benchmark, Peer Reviews and Self-assessment process;

a Programme on public ethics at local level, including the development of standards on public ethics, a national campaign on the “Transparent Municipality”, selection, award and dissemination of good practices;

a Best Practice Programme: identification, official recognition and dissemination of best practice in local government leadership, service provision and community participation.


Programme on Performance Management for Local Authorities





In co-operation

Ministry of Local Self-Government