Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


CROATIA - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building 


Activity in 2012

The Croatian handbook was published early January 2012 and was presented on 15 March 2012 in Zagreb in the presence of representatives from local authorities and from the Ministry of Public Administration.

In April 2012, the Croatian Association of Municipalities organized a first training for local officials based on the CoE-UNDP-LGI Toolkit with the aim of offering the IMC training course on a regular basis.



Activity in 2011


The Technical analysis on IMC was published in January 2011 and the final IMC manual was prepared

The Croatian Association of Municipalities attended a training (18-20 April) on the Leadership Academy Programme and on the European Label of Governance Excellence – ELOGE, in the context of the Centre’s activities in Turkey and Austria

Croatian Association of Municipalities attended a meeting on ELoGE, 5-6 December



Activity in 2010


Intermunicipal Co-operation



Supported by a voluntary contribution the Open Foundation Society Institute (OSI-ZUG).



Publication and dissemination of the Toolkit on Inter-Municipal Co-operation (IMC)

Implementation of the IMC project in Croatia by the Croatian Association of Municipalities in co-operation with the Association of Towns and the Ministry of Public Administration (the Ministry).

- preparation of a comprehensive technical analysis on the current environment for IMC in Croatia.

- setting up of A national Working Group of experts on IMC from the Associations of Towns and Municipalities, the Ministry and the Council of Europe to support the project implementation.

- first meeting of the Working Group, 2 July, Zagreb, to prepare the framework of the technical analysis of the IMC environment, identify relevant information and material, and discuss the framework of the Croatian Toolkit on IMC.

- outline for the analysis developed and agreed upon and the research launched.

- technical analysis completed and a comprehensive report prepared (includes a review of the institutional, legal and financial framework for IMC, identifies challenges and opportunities for IMC and provides case studies of IMC in Croatia)



Previous activity


Series of Capacity Building projects


In co-operation with

Croatian Associations of Municipalities


International Training of Trainers, November 2009, Strasbourg



Inter-municipal Co-operation (IMC)



Croatian representatives



November 2009, Strasbourg.


Programme on IMC



A detailed programme on IMC was devised by the National Association of Municipalities to be implemented in Croatia in 2010.