Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building†


Activity in 2011

Additional rounds of the BiH Beacon Scheme were implemented between in 2011 on the modalities reported below.



Activity in 2010


Best practice programme



5th Round of the BiH Beacon Scheme (Best Practices Programmes) was implemented by the local stakeholders (the FBIH Ministry of Justice, the RS Ministry of public administration and local self-government as well as the FBIH and RS Associations of local authorities) without direct Council of Europe involvement.

Centre of Expertise has continued its discussions with different potential donors, mainly the European Commission and the German Embassy in Sarajevo



Obtain a voluntary contribution for the implementation of a project dealing with the promotion of public ethics at local level.


Envisaged activities


Best practice programme



6th Round of the BiH Beacon Scheme, without CoE direct involvement

Launch (funding permitting) of a new programme aimed at promoting public ethics at local level in the framework of a larger programme including some legal assistance activities.



Previous activities - 2005-2007


In cooperation with the OSCE Mission in BiH as well as the RS and FBIH Associations of local authorities


Best practice programme



1st and 2nd* Round of a best practice programme called BiH Beacon Scheme (* 3rd and 4th Round of the BiH Beacon Scheme (Best Practices Programme) were implemented in 2008 and 2009, but without Council of Europe's direct involvement).



Building the capacities of both Associations of local authorities.



Local stakeholders, after the transfer of all management responsibilities to the FBIH Ministry of Justice,

RS Ministry of public administration and local self-government


RS Associations of local authorities.