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Best practices in 2014

Activity in 2012

The Centre provided technical expertise to the Moldovan Government to prepare the Decentralisation Strategy, which was adopted in April 2012.

A new round of the Best Practices Programme (BPP) started in October 2012 in northern, southern and central Republic of Moldova and in Chisinau for promoting the best practices competition and will continue in 2013. The programme will be implemented in 2013, and municipalities will be selected to receive BP awards. A High Level National Ceremony will be organised to deliver the awards and ensure the promotion of the best practices identified.



Activity in 2011


An Award Ceremony of the Best Practice Programme was organised in January 2011 to celebrate and disseminate the Award-winning practices

Awareness-raising activities organised such as the organisation of open days in winning municipalities, publication online of short-listed applications, updating of the website etc.



Activity in 2010


Fourth round of Best Practice Programme for Local Authorities in Moldova



This programme was implemented in 2010, following the success of the 2008 programme, with one year break. The programme has become very popular in Moldova; its sustainability, although desired by all stakeholders, is still not secured from domestic sources.


In co-operation

State Chancellery

Ministry for Regional Development and Constructions.



local economic development;

good governance;

strategic management of local communities.



A brochure, including an application form, was prepared and sent to all local authorities.

The Selection Panel received 37 applications for the Best Practice status and shortlisted 12 of them.

It organised study visits during December 2010 to the shortlisted municipalities and Selected the six best practices to receive the Award and status.

One local authority was nominated to receive the Extraordinary Award.

The Steering Group examined the procedure and endorsed the proposal of the Selection Panel on 4 March 2010.

An Award Ceremony is planned for 12 April 2011 to celebrate and disseminate the Award-winning practices.

Dissemination activities include at the moment publication of all practice on the website



Previous activities


Best Practice Programme, National Training Strategy, Public Ethics Benchmarking



Three rounds of the Best Practice Programme were implemented with a significant success in 2006-2008.

The National Training Strategy programme was implemented in partnership with the Moldovan Academy for Public Administration.

A Public Ethics Benchmarking Programme was implemented in 2007-2008.


Further information Website on capacity building in local government in Moldova: