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Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


TURKEY - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building 


Activity in 2012

Training for women leaders


In cooperation with the Union of Turkish Municipalities (UTM), the Centre of Expertise implemented the first full round (3 three-day sessions) of the Leadership Academy Programme for 23 women local elected officials (deputy mayors and councillors from Turkish municipalities). The first 3-day session was carried out in Ankara in March 2012; the second stage was hosted by the Municipality of Diyarbakir on 9-11 May; while the municipality of Luleburgaz hosted the last 3-day session on 9-11 July. Participants’ feedback was highly positive. Several said that the Academy had “changed their lives’ and it had strengthened their ambition and were ready to seek re-election and fight for change. They all felt part of a strong network of alumni and were already beginning to consider a Leadership Academy Summer School next year.


Best Practice Programme


A range of preparatory activities were implemented to launch the first round of the Best Practice Programme in Turkey in co-operation with the Union of Turkish Municipalities. In March 2012 a one day session was organized with the relevant staff members from the UTM to introduce the programme, methodology and detailed implementation steps. 22 staff members including the Secretary General and the higher management of the UTM attended the session. The possible themes were discussed, and consequently the UTM management identified the members of the Steering Committee and members of the Selection Panel. UTM planned to present the programme at their general assembly and to launch the programme in early 2013.



Activity in 2010


Leadership Academy Programme



Two 3-day training sessions were organised in the second part of 2010.


In co-operation with Union of Municipalities of the Marmara Region (UMMR)



UMMR covered organisational costs, Expertise Council of Europe provided expertise.



Envisaged activities


Leadership Academy Programme


Dates and location

March 2011

It is expected to be enlarged to the whole of Turkey


In co-operation

Union of Municipalities of Turkey.

Regional Training of Trainers



In the light of the success of this programme and the numerous plans to extend it to other countries, a Regional Training of Trainers will be organised for countries which launch the Leadership Academy Programme in 2011.


Dates and location

18-20 March, Ankara