Good governance

Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


MONTENEGRO - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building 


Activity in 2012

The Centre of Expertise implemented two cycles of the Leadership Academy Programme. The final cycle will take place in February 2013.



Activity in 2011


Round Table joint event organised by the Programme on Strengthening Local self government in Montenegro Phase II and the EU-CoE Programme on Strengthening Local Self-Government in Serbia

Detailed report on the system of administrative supervision in Montenegro prepared

Detailed recommendations on public services were made in a document Called “Regulation of Public Service in Montenegro: An Agenda for Change

Thematic workshops and team peer visits to a number of Montenegrin municipalities organised

Closing Conference and final Steering Committee meeting of Programme organised



Activities in 2010


Joint Programme on Strengthening Local Self-Government in Montenegro (Phase II)


Programme on the “Transparent Municipality” in Montenegro


In co-operation

European Commission Delegation



analysis and up-date on the implementation of the National Programme and Action Plan on Fighting Corruption at Local Level in Montenegro;

the development and use of a National Benchmark on a “Transparent Municipality” ;

a national media campaign on “Transparent Municipality”;

development and implementation of a model communications strategy for municipalities;


Regional Conference on “Good Governance, Transparency and Ethics at local level”


In co-operation

Under the auspices of Government of Montenegro,

Centre of Expertise

Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe


Dates and Location

3-4 June 2010, Budva



Ministers State secretaries

Senior officials

Local elected representatives and their associations of South-eastern Europe

Senior level officials from the Council of Europe, the OSCE – ODIHR, the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities, and from other international organisations attended the conference.



Participants took stock of progress made in the action engaged at both central and local level to fight corruption and promote public ethics.

They exchanged information and good practice, reviewed current policies and considered further measures aimed at enhancing the quality of local governance, with particular focus on the transparency and the ethical conduct of public affairs by all those involved.



Previous activities


Joint Programme (JP) between the Council of Europe and the European Agency for Reconstruction





In co-operation

European Agency for Reconstruction

Ministry of the Interior and

Union of Municipalities of Montenegro.



module on capacity-building for local government with the following projects:

- a) the preparation of a National Training Strategy,

- b) a Best Practice programme, and

- c) a Leadership Development programme.


Joint Programme on Strengthening Local Self-Government in Montenegro (Phase II)





In co-operation

EC Delegation in Montenegro



module on strengthening public ethics at local level, aiming at implementing the anti-corruption programme.


Complementary projects

VNG International launched a larger project on ethics in municipalities funded by MATRA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

OSCE Mission in Montenegro implemented, with the support of the Centre of Expertise, a complementary project on ethics at local level as well as the Best Practice and Leadership Development Programmes.