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Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building 


Activity in 2012

In 2012, the Centre prepared, in co-operation with the relevant Russian Federation authorities, a proposal for an ambitious Joint Programme on Strengthening Local and Regional Governments in the Russian Federation. The proposal was prepared on the basis of mutually agreed priorities, takes into account latest legislative and policy developments in the Russian Federation and builds on the Council of Europe acquis in the area of local and regional self-government. It envisages the following five components: shared responsibilities between different authorities’ levels; performance management and efficient Human Resources policy; inter-municipal co-operation; citizen participation, and strategic and spatial planning. Work in the above-mentioned areas will contribute to the achievement of the goal of making the Russian Federation a country where legislation and practice meet European standards in the area of local and regional self-government in terms of good governance and respect for rule of law. The financing of a minimum of 2.4m Euros is currently actively searched for.


North West Russia


The launching Conference of the programme on “Promoting Good Governance principles in North-West Russia” took place in St. Petersburg on 30-31 May 2012 with the active participation of the Centre of Expertise. The first training seminar of the programme was organised on 26-29 November 2012 for municipal workers from the North-West Region of the Russian Federation. The Council of Europe experts delivered presentations on separate principles of good governance and held interactive sessions with the participants.



Activity in 2011


The Centre of Expertise and the Nordic Council came together to support the implementation of a programme aimed at facilitating transfrontier co-operation in NW Russia, as a result the drafting of a toolkit on cross-border co-operation (CBC) inspired by the Manual on IMC developed by the Centre is underway

Notabene programme launched in Saint-Petersburg

In the framework of the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM), a new co-operation programme on Good Governance (GG) has been proposed and developed

Planning meeting on the new project on Good Governance held in Strasbourg



Activity in 2010


Inter-municipal co-operation in transfrontier regions



Facilitating transfrontier co-operation in NW Russia.


In co-operation with

Centre of Expertise

Nordic Council



Madrid Outline Convention

 Toolkit on IMC (Centre of Expertise)



Previous activities


Leadership Benchmark programme in North West Russia





Joint programme

Council of Europe- European Commission programme for North-West Russia.


In co-operation with

the Council of Europe worked with the Russian Congress of Municipalities and the Academy of Public Administration



 Peer Review project was implemented in the region of Karelia

 Self-Assessment project, based on Council of Europe methodology

 Russian Leadership Benchmark, was piloted in the Kaliningrad region within the framework of the joint Council of Europe – EC programme for NW Russia.


Best Practice Programme in Transfrontier Co-operation


A Best Practice programme in transfrontier co-operation was implemented in NW Russia


In co-operation with

 Academy of Public Administration in St Petersburg,

 Congress of Municipalities of Russia,

 Regional local authority associations from the Regions of Kaliningrad and Pskov and the Republic of Karelia


Leadership Academy Programme


Date: 2008-2009


Implementation by

The North-Western Academy of Public Administration, on the basis of a statement of co-operation



Co-funding between the North-Western Academy of Public Administration and the Centre of Expertise