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Council of Europe Conference of Ministers Responsible for Spatial/Regional Planning (CEMAT)


Since its inception in 1970, the Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Spatial/Regional Planning (CEMAT) has played an invaluable role in promoting efficient and sustainable territorial development policies on the European continent.

The CEMAT is the only pan-European platform for co-operation, exchange of best practices and definition of common principles on spatial development.

The Conference focuses on the territorial dimension of human rights, democracy and social cohesion. It takes into consideration the needs of the inhabitants of European municipalities and regions without forgetting the future generations. Its action aims in particular to promote a special planning that responds to economic, social, environmental and cultural requirements.

The Conference advocates the subsidiarity and reciprocity principles to ensure an active involvement of European regions and municipalities in territorial development policies as a mean of preserving the unity in diversity bequeathed to Europe by its history and geography.


Ministerial conferences

16th session of the CEMAT on "Territorial democracy: the role of public participation in the process of sustainable territorial development of the European continent", 17 June 2014, Nafplion, Greece

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Core documents

European Regional/Spatial Planning Charter (Torremolinos)

Guiding Principles for Sustainable Spatial Development of the European Continent

Spatial development glossary

Rural Heritage Guide

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