Good governance


Council of Europe Conference
of Ministers responsible for Spatial/Regional Planning

Committee of Senior Officials (CSO)

96th Meeting
Strasbourg (France), 29 April 2014


Meeting venue:
Council of Europe Headquarters
Agora building room G06


Secretariat Memorandum
prepared by the
Directorate of Democratic Governance
Democratic Institutions and Governance Department

This document is public. It will not be distributed at the meeting. Please bring this copy.

Ce document est public. Il ne sera pas distribué en réunion. Prière de vous munir de cet exemplaire.


The meeting will be opened and chaired by Mr Anestis Gourgiotis, on behalf of Greece, host country of the 16th session of CEMAT.

Senior officials are invited to take note of the report of the meeting held in Athens on 13 December 2013 (document 16CEMAT-CHF95(2013)4).


The agenda appears at document 16CEMAT-CHF96(2014)1


The Greek delegation will inform the participants about the letter that Minister Yannis Maniatis has sent to his colleagues about the objectives of the 16th session of the CEMAT to be held on 17 June 2014 in Napflion, Greece.


The committee should examine, on the basis of documents prepared by the Secretariat and/or the Greek authorities, the following issues:

    a) Synthesis of replies to the questionnaire

A synthesis of the replies received by the Secretariat will be presented and discussed. Delegations are invited to comment and propose amendments to the document with a view to its finalisation in the forthcoming weeks. It is recalled that the Questionnaire is in two parts, one on the theme of “participation” in spatial planning processes and the other on the value and relevance of CEMAT work for member States and the Council of Europe.

The synthesis of the replies could be included in the files of the conference.

[For action – 16CEMAT-CHF96(2014)2]

A compilation of the replies will be made available for ease of consultation.

[For information – 16CEMAT-CHF96(2014)3]

    b) Draft resolutions for consideration by the Ministers

It is assumed that Ministers will discuss and adopt two resolutions. One will deal with the main theme of the session, namely “territorial democracy and participation” and the other will cover the issue of relevance of CEMAT for member states and the Council of Europe.

Two drafts will be prepared by the Secretariat in liaison with the Greek hosts. Delegations are welcomed to make comments and suggest amendments with a view to giving guidance to the Secretariat as regards the finalisation of the two drafts.

[For action – 16CEMAT-CHF96(2014)4]
[For action – 16CEMAT-CHF96(2014)5]

    c) Draft Guide to participation

The drafting of the Guide has been agreed by the Committee at its previous but one meeting. The Greek delegation has accepted the task of drawing it up. A first draft should be submitted for consideration by the senior officials. Comments and suggestions should help improve/supplement the Guide.

The Committee should agree on whether it should be submitted to the Ministers for them to approve or take note.

[For action – 16CEMAT-CHF96(2014)6]

    d) Draft agenda and draft programme of the Conference

Delegations will consider proposals from the Greek hosts on the agenda of the conference and the organisation of the debates. It is recalled that the agenda is adopted by the ministers at the opening of the session.

Since the event will last one day only, it is suggested that ministerial discussions will remain succinct and spontaneous.

The Greek hosts will also provide information as to the practical organisation of the event: venue, logistics, website, etc.

[For action – 16CEMAT-CHF96(2014)7]

    e) Draft Memorandum of Co-operation

The senior officials already took note of a proposal for a model Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) on the development of a “Pan European Network of CEMAT Innovation Territories”. They may wish to recommend that ministers so wishing may sign them during the 16th session.

A revised draft MoC including guidelines on the requirements for participation in the “Pan European Network of CEMAT Innovation Territories” will be submitted for consideration to the Senior Officials. They will decide whether this document could be brought to the attention of the ministers for them to take note, or adopt.

In the light of the above discussions, the Committee is expected to finalise the list of documents to be presented to the Ministers. Indicatively, the list could be as follows

Document Action by Ministers

    - Draft agenda and draft programme of the session to adopt
    - Summary of replies to the questionnaire to take note
    - Draft resolution No 1 on Territorial Democracy to adopt
    - Draft resolution No 2 on CEMAT in the Council of Europe to adopt

    - Guide to participation to adopt/take note
    - Draft MoC on the “Pan European Network of CEMAT to adopt/take note

Innovation Territories”

Other documents could be envisaged in the light of discussions and examination of other items on the agenda of this meeting.


A new outline of the CEMAT website has been developed and a database on spatial planning systems is currently being included in the website as agreed during the previous CSO meeting.

The committee is invited to discuss the new outline and provide possible comments.


The committee should meet again on the eve of the conference, on 16 June 2014, in the afternoon, in Nafplion.

It is recalled that according to Council of Europe Regulations, the Committee of Ministers will consider the drafts of the main documents to be submitted to the Ministers, i.e. the draft agenda and the two draft resolutions, prior to the 16th session (indicatively, this consideration could be held on 20 May 2014). Should the Committee of Ministers make comments for the CSO to take into account, the Senior officials will be informed via e-mail and invited, as the case may be, to take action even before their next meeting.