Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Local and Regional government


17th session of the Ministerial Conference in Kyiv 2011


On 3 and 4 November 2011 the European Ministers responsible for Local and Regional Government held the 17th Session of their Conference to take further steps in their co-operation and in particular to :

1. review the economic situation of local government and adopt further guidelines for policies to tackle the crisis, enhance recovery and ensure a sustainable future;

2. examine the outlook for the future of intergovernmental co-operation on local and regional democracy issues in the Council of Europe in the light of the reviews agreed upon at Utrecht, the proposal for a partnership between the Committee of Ministers and the Ministerial Conference, reforms in the Council of Europe and a review of progress with the implementation of the Utrecht Agenda;

3. address the role of government in removing obstacles to transfrontier cooperation;

4. examine the issue of human rights at local level.


Conference themes

Local government in critical times: policies for crisis, recovery and sustainable future

Outlook to the future

Transfrontier co-operation: the role of central government in removing obstacles




Working Documents

Kyiv Declaration

Congress website on the conference