Democratic Participation and Public Ethics


Encouraging Democratic participation

Effective democracy depends on citizens having a say and being heard. Through the Council of Europe, governments look at ways for facilitating this right and increasing the role played by citizens in local affairs. Encouraging democratic participation at local level entails trying to find a balance that will facilitate participation on the one hand, without merely providing the means for the best-resourced people to channel and get their way. By measures such as increasing transparency, e-governance, good communication, promoting participation amongst young people, increasing the availability of local political information, enabling remote voting - member states hope to raise the level of participation of all citizens Europe-wide.


More information

CETS 207 - Additional Protocol to the European Charter of Local Self-Government on the right to participate in the affairs of a local authority

Committee of Experts on good democratic governance at local and regional level (LR-GG) (former subcommittee)

Committee of Experts on Democratic Participation and Public Ethics at Local and Regional Level (LR-DP) (former subcommittee)

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