Timetable of upcoming events

February 2014

4 Launch of the new City Diplomacy Project Zadar, Croatia
5 Council of Europe Action Plan for Armenia 2012-2014: Launch of the new three-year project in the field of local democracy Yerevan (Armenia
19 Working session on the introduction of protocol No 3 to the Madrid Outline convention Ljubljana, Slovenia
19-20 Launch of Capacity-building project for local authorities Malta
27 Partners' meeting of the Project COMUN Youth - Crossborder co-operation and youth unemployment Tallinn, Estonia

March 2014

3-5 Peer Review on Decentralisation and Local Government Reform Chisinau, Moldova
6 Participation in the Executive Bureau of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) Athens, Greece
12 Steering Committee of the Swiss-funded programme on strengthening local government Tirana, Albania
25-26 IMC workshop (inter-municipal cooperation) Cyprus
27-28 Forum for Local Democracy: Local democracy and civil society in current context in Ukraine Lviv, Ukraine

April 2014

3-4 1st Plenary meeting of the European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG) Strasbourg, France
8-10 Experts Working Group on Territorial Administrative Reform Tirana, Albania
29 96th Meeting of the Committee of Senior Officials of the CEMAT Strasbourg, France

May 2014

7-9 Training of Trainers on civil Servant Law with LGU`s representatives Durres, Albania
12-13 Participation in the regional co-ordination meeting between the Council of Europe and the OSCE on local government Tirana, Albania
13 Steering Committee meeting of the Council of Europe Programme "Strengthening the capacity of local authorities in Ukraine" Kyiv, Ukraine
12-14 CoE expert to participate in the De-Log training with Local Governance stakeholders Tirana, Albania
15-16 First Training on civil Servant Law with local government representatives Durres, Albania
26 Experts meeting on Human Resources Management programme Yerevan, Armenia
27 Meeting of the Best Practice Selection Panel and presentation of the Prospectus Yerevan, Armenia
27-28 Second Training on civil Servant Law with local government representatives Durres, Albania
29 Participation of the Centre of Expertise at the Public Administration Reform at the Local and Regional Level Seminar organised by the EU Yerevan, Armenia
29-30 TThird Training on civil Servant Law with local government representatives Durres, Albania
29-30 Regional Seminars for the presentation of the Best Practice Programme among Armenian communities Dilijan, Tavush on the 29th May; Vayk, Vayots Dzor on the 30th May, Armenia

June 2014

17 16th Ministerial conference of the CEMAT Nafplion, Greece
3 1st meeting of the Working Group on Democratic Governance (GT-GD) Strasbourg, France
5 ou 10 (tbcr) Workshop for partner municipalities on the presentation of adapted Public Ethics Benchmarking tools Yerevan, Armenia
17-20 Summer School on Good Governance, Ethics, and Leadership at Local Level Zadar, Croatie
19 1st meeting of the Working Group for the preparation of a reference text on democracy (GT-TD) Strasbourg, France
24-25 3rd EU-China Local Government Forum Shenyang, China
27 Public Ethics Benchmarking Yerevan, Armenia
30 2nd regional seminar on cross-border cooperation Budapest, Hungary

July 2014

30/06-2/07 Launch of the Performance Management project, Steering committee meeting for the Creative Governance Project Malta
3 1st meeting of the Bureau Strasbourg (France)

August 2014


September 2014

8 Workshop on Human Resources Management in Armenian municipalities Yerevan, Aremnia
15-19 Meeting of the Creative Governance Steering Committee, Peer review on local governance reform and Training on the Performance Management Programme Malta
25-26 Conference and peer review on "Municipal consolidation in Europe: trends and solutions to amalgamation and co-operation" Kyiv, Ukraine
30 Peer Review on Financial Equalization System in Armenia Yerevan, Armenia

October 2014

6-7 Workshop on Public Ethics Benchmarking process in Armenian municipalities Yerevan, Aremnia

November 2014

10-12 Study visit for the winners of the Council of Europe’s 2014 Best Practice Programme for the Armenian municipalities Strasbourg, France
20 City-to-City Diplomacy: an invitation to a Seminar introducing new toolkit Gorizia, Italy