Good governance

ELoGE: European Label of Governance Excellence


The crystal dodecahedronThe European Label of Governance Excellence is part of the Strategy for Innovation and Good Governance at Local Level. The Label is a learning tool and should help local authorities to:

Understand their strengths and weaknesses in the way they provide public service to the local community and in the way they exercise public authority;

  Improve the quality of local governance with the help of the various tools developed especially for the Strategy;

Take inspiration from their colleagues’ best practices.

The Label will be awarded by a national or regional stakeholder’s platform to local authorities who have achieved a high overall level of governance, as measured against the twelve European principles of Good Democratic Governance.

This national/ regional platform needs to be accredited by the Stakeholders’ Platform at the Council of Europe. Accreditation will be granted to those countries and regions which comply with the rules and standards as decided by the Stakeholders’ Platform. Countries and regions rules and standards may differ from those specified in the reference documents, for example because certain effects of the principles are dealt with differently, but this has to be addressed and explained during the accreditation process.

If a local authority wants to receive the Label, it must apply to its regional or national stakeholders’ platform. It will be asked to fulfil the criteria for the evaluation tools:

a matrix evaluating the action of the local authority

a questionnaire addressed to citizens

a questionnaire addressed to local elected representatives.


The Label for Good Democratic Governance is symbolised by a crystal dodecahedron engraved with the twelve European principles of good democratic governance, the Council of Europe logo and the date of the award.


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