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Ambassador Jan Tombiński: "Self-governance is one of democracy's foundations"

2nd Forum of Local Self-Government, Lviv (Ukraine), 27-28 March 2014


Ambassador Jan Tombiński[02-04-2014] On 27-28 March in Lviv the 2nd Forum of Local Self-Government took place which gathered more than 180 persons: leaders of local governments of Ukraine, its associations, representatives of central executive authorities, Ukrainian and international experts, representatives of diplomatic corps, international organisations including the Council of Europe. The Programme "Strengthening the capacity of local authorities in Ukraine" for the second time supported the Lviv City Council and co-organised the Forum.

The following themes were in the focus of the 2014 Forum: local self-government reform, dialogue between public authorities and civil society, e-governance, local economic development, financial capacities of local authorities and urban development policy.

"Self-governance is one of democracy's foundations as it enables to form leaders, system, public responsibility". "Local self-government is a locomotive able to take Ukraine to the new development orbit". These statements by Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, Ambassador Jan TOMBIŃSKI and Lviv City mayor Andriy SADOVYI became keynotes of the Forum.

The Council of Europe was represented by Mr Alfonso ZARDI, Head of Democratic Institutions and Governance Department of the Directorate General of Democracy, Council of Europe Secretariat General, and the Council of Europe local and international experts:
- Mr Anatoliy TKACHUK, Director on research and development of the Civil Society Institute (Ukraine),
- Ms Ginka CHAVDAROVA, Executive Director of the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria,
- Mr Sorin IONITA, Research Director of the Expert Forum of Romania,
- Mr Adam ADUSZKIEWICZ, President of the Board of the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy (Republic of Poland),
- Ms Violeta MOSKALU, Professor of State Governance of Lorraine University (France),
- Mr Viktor TARAN, Director of the Center for Political Studies and Analytics (Ukraine).

Alfonso ZARDIThe Council of Europe delegates took an active part in the Forum discussions, in particular on decentralisation of powers, local self-government reform and local democracy as well as the role of civil society and local government associations in these processes. Mr Alfonso ZARDI underlined "…the Council of Europe shall continue support to Ukraine in developing legal initiatives to be adopted and implemented. We shall assist Ukraine in achieving the goal to build local democracy."

Following the discussions the Forum Resolution was adopted.

Forum agenda
Resolution of the All-Ukrainian Forum of Local Self-Government