Good governance

Workshop D
D: Coping with the social impacts of recession and demographic change

The burden and cost of social provision have increased markedly in the short term as a consequence of the recession, but will also continue to rise in the long term because of demographic trends in Europe. The fiscal aftermath of the financial crisis will limit the ability of the State (central or local) to shoulder extra burdens, and increasing co operation with other actors will be imperative. The division of responsibility between national and local government for social assistance and care varies enormously between European countries. What is the added value of local government participation? Do local knowledge and preferences enhance effectiveness and resources or distort equity? Are divisions of responsibility (including those between tiers of local government) biased towards more expensive solutions to individual needs? Both commercial and social enterprises are expanding rapidly their social sector roles. Are their activities sufficiently incorporated into an overall regulatory and financial framework? Family care remains the bedrock in most communities - how far and how well does local government support rather than supplant it? Overall, how can this mixed economy of social provision be made to work more efficiently and equitably?

Presentations and accompanying papers

Social Impacts of Recession and Demographic Change
- Issues and questions - by Laurie Joshua, Social Policy and Public Financial Management Consultant

- Draft Report: From Financial Crises to Fiscal Consolidation in Emerging and Advanced European Economies

Financial Crises and Fiscal Consolidation: The Challenges for Sustainable Social Expenditures in the Context of Demographic Change
- Presentation by Laurie Joshua, Social Policy and Public Financial Management Consultant

-Accompanying text

Social Impact of the Recession in Hungary
- Presentation by Zsolt Bugarszki, Lecturer, ELTE University of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Budapest

The Bubble of Poor Governance: Coping with Social Impacts of Recession and Demographic Change in Ukraine
- Presentation by Kateryna Maynzuk, Development Director, FISCO, Ukraine

The Economic Crisis, Its Human Development Consequences, and the Policy Response in the Region
- Presentation by Mihail Peleah, Human Development Programme and Research Officer at Poverty Practice of UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre

The role of local government in long-term care delivery and financing in Poland
- Presentation by Barbara Więckowska, Social Insurance Department, Warsaw School of Economics