Good governance

Workshop C

C: Local government contributions to economic recovery and sustainable development

After recessions in the 1990s, many local governments developed an active role in promoting local economic activity and employment. How relevant do they remain in the current economic circumstances, and to what extent are they being diversified or reinforced?

  Did improvements in local physical infrastructure benefit both from domestic and European Union stimuli and investment programmes? How has the crisis affected the appetite and capacity of private enterprises to engage in joint public sector investments? In which sectors do the benefits of its management expertise and scale economy outweigh the costs of fragmented management and more expensive capital? Were there any changes in the general public attitude and the technical approach towards private sector involvement in municipal service provision?

  Which indirect tools and interventions, such as supportive physical planning regulations and processes, more attractive physical and cultural environments, active municipal land policies and human skills development, were used for supporting local economic development?

  In several countries, fiscal stimulus programmes are being specifically directed to projects designed to counter climate change. Examples include improvements in energy efficiency through insulation of public buildings and social housing, changes in local planning regulations, renewal of street lighting, urban transportation, etc. What is the practical experience of such efforts and which are the most efficient ways of intervention?

Presentations and accompanying papers

Questions on local government contributions to economic recovery and sustainable development

Local government contribution to economic recovery and sustainable development - introduction by Gábor Péteri, Economist and Executive Director of Local Governance Innovation and Development Ltd
- Presentation
- Accompanying paper

Les contributions des collectivités locales à la crise économique et au développement durable
Presentation by Olivier Becht, Président délégué, Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération

La contribution des collectivités territoriales à la croissance économique et au développement durable - France
- Presentation par Robert Herzog, Président de la Société française des finances publics

- Texte présenté