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Activity in 2012

The Centre of Expertise in co-operation with the Training Centre for Local Authorities (CFEL) which is a training institution within the Ticino Cantonal Government organized a 4-day training of trainers on “Leadership Academy Programme” (LAP) for trainers and experts in the field of local government. The training was held from 29 May to 1 June 2012 in Bellinzona, Switzerland and it was attended by 12 participants from five member states (Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Malta and Ukraine).


The main objectives of the ToT were

to enhance knowledge and skills of trainers in the field of leadership in local governments, based on concepts contained in the Centre’s Manual on modern leadership;

to create a pool of trainers/experts that potentially would carry on the Leadership Academy programme in their respective countries/local governments;

to create a network of international trainers/experts that would continue to co-operate in the future with the aim of exchanging practices and experiences, and would ultimately conduct the Leadership Academy Programme in pairs.



Activity in 2011


A second round of the Best Practice Programme was implemented in 2011 on the themes “Innovation in internal management” and 26 practices for “Innovation in external action”.

Dissemination of best practices will include development of publication collecting all initiatives presented, and they will be also available on the website of the Training Centre for Local Authorities in Ticino.

Workshops organized in selected municipalities in order to share the knowledge and experience. The Awards Ceremony was organised in November 2011.



Activities in 2010


Best Practice Programme 2010


Steering Group composition

Training Centre for Local Authorities in Ticino;

Association of Urban Municipalities;

Association of Mountain Regions;

Union of Municipal Secretaries;

Council of Europe;

representatives from Universities.



Themes, evaluation criteria and composition of the Selection Panel were decided by the Steering Group,

A brochure, including an application form, was prepared and sent to all local authorities, and the deadline was agreed for 30 April 2010.


Participating authorities

27 municipalities from Ticino sent in 35 practices to the Selection Panel

9 practices for the theme “Innovation in internal management”

26 practices for “Innovation in external action”.



Results demonstrated that the Best Practice Programme had been very well perceived by the local authorities.



The winning municipalities were officially announced at a final conference dedicated to innovation in local government, held on 19 November 2010 in Bellinzona.

The practice submitted by the group of municipalities Manno – Bioggio – Agno received the award for internal innovation, The municipality of Chiasso was selected as a best innovative practice in external action.

The second round of the Best Practice Programme 2011 was also announced at the conference for the same two themes.



Previous activities


First round of best practice programme in the canton of Ticino



Programme organised following an official request by the Training Centre for Local Authorities within the Ticino Cantonal Government (CFEL).



October 2009 during the conference hosted by the Mayor of the City of Lugano



"Innovations in internal management in local government authorities"

- internal organization,

- human resources management,

- accounting and auditing,

- financial management,

- total quality management

- efficiency promotion


"Innovations in external actions of local government authorities"

- innovations aiming at improving - public services delivery

- economic development promotion

- infrastructure building

- social and cultural promotion

- citizens’ engagement.