Good governance

Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


MALTA - Country Specific Programmes for Capacity building 


Activity in 2012

The work on the preparation of the Norway grants project continued. The Centre had more meetings and consultations with the Maltese Ministry for Home Affairs (Department of Local Governance – DLC), local government association and local authorities, etc. The CoE experts developed, presented and finalised a full proposal for a training needs analysis and national training strategy; agreements were reached with stakeholders on the implementation modalities.


In November, a meeting was held in Oslo between the CoE, Department for Local Government within the Ministry for Tourism of Malta, Norwegian association of local authorities, and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss and clarify the role of each partner.



Activity in 2011


In light of the positive outcomes following co-operation with the Centre of Expertise, Malta applied for Norway Grants for the implementation of the capacity building programmes proposed by the Centre ( NTS, Good Governance, LAP and PMP) for 2012-2014

Detailed Action Plans developed by the Maltese authorities with the assistance of the Centre

The Executive Secretary of the Local Government Association of Malta participated in the International Conference on Coastal Towns in Clacton on Sea (UK).

Information seminars for mayors and executives secretaries NTS / TNA organised



Activity in 2010


Project on performance management

Postponed until 2011


Series of meetings on the role of the Executive Secretaries in Maltese local councils

Information papers prepared by Council of Europe’s experts from Italy, France and the UK and forwarded to DLG in Malta.


National Seminar for Local Councils’ Executive Secretaries, 3 November


Initiative of

Office of the Prime Minister



Review the new status of the Maltese Executive Secretaries in the light of the experience of other EU countries, such as France, Italy and the UK, with respect to the legal status and career development.



61 executive secretaries (out of 68) of local councils in Malta,

Senior representatives of the DLG, the Association of Local Councils and the Association of Executives Secretaries.


Positive feedback

At the Seminar, the Director General of Information, Local Government and Public Consultation (OPM) emphasised the importance of good co-operation between his office and the CoE; he stressed that this co-operation is brining concrete and positive results for the Maltese local government structures. The DLG stressed the urgent need for a National Training Strategy for local government in Malta and encouraged the support of the CoE with this regard.



Previous activity


New performance management regime for Councils


Date: 2009



Preparation of the introduction of a new performance management regime for Maltese local councils.


In co-operation

Department for Local Government (DLG), Office of the Prime Minister in Malta



Policy paper on performance management

Policy paper on the policy environment for a performance management system,

National Task Force established to develop the implementation strategy in 2010.

Eight local services were selected for performance measurement following a comprehensive consultation process led by the CoE.