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Activity in 2012

Discussions with the FEMP on implementation of ELoGE were resumed in summer 2012 and in September 2012, the Centre Secretariat representatives met with the FEMP officials in Cadiz alongside the CEMR General Assembly., Negotiations are still on-going with the perspective that the European Label ELOGE may finally be implemented and managed at the level of Spanish autonomous regions, which all have legislative powers. The associations of Basque and Catalan local authorities as well as several individual local authorities have already expressed their interest in ELoGE.



Activity in 2011


ELOGE trial, launched in 2010 in the Province of Gerona and the municipalities of Gerona, Getafe, Málaga, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, San Sebastián-Donostia and Pineda de Mar, extended to other local authorities in particular Siero and Badalona.

2nd meeting of Spanish pilot LGUs of ELOGE held to discuss in greater detail the tools of the European Label.

A 3rd meeting held to reach agreement on the final version of the ELOGE tools to be used in Spain and to discuss with Spanish Ministry of the Interior and FEMP the possible timetable for its implementation in 2012/2013



Activities in 2010


Experimentation of the European Label of Good Governance and Innovation as well as launch of a new citizen participation programme – 1st meeting



Spanish and French pilot cities of the label and of the citizen participation programme


Date and location 26 and 27 October 2010 in Gerona


Meeting discussions

the expediency of launching the Council of Europe European Label (ELoGE) in Spain

the relevance of such an instrument for Spanish authorities, and the steps which this would require

Participants exchanged views on ways to promote local-level innovation and good governance internationally

to evaluate the progress of municipal action (performance management)

to develop citizen participation at local level


Programme on citizen participation at local level Location Spain



7 Spanish local authorities (Province of Gerona and the cities of Gerona, Malaga, Getafe, San Sebastien, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Pineda de Mar)

two French cities of Strasbourg and Bordeaux (pilot cities of ELoGE).



focused on the use of the related Centre of Expertise tool that includes a detailed questionnaire to be filled in by local authorities and a template for drawing up a plan of improvement of citizen participation mechanisms.

participants were invited to describe the relevant approaches established by their own local authorities, and to study those of the other local stakeholders attending.

A UK representative presented the experience of British local government in applying performance management mechanisms, which inspired some of the Label’s principles, and in promoting citizen participation.



Previous activities


Road-test of the Programme on Public Ethics Benchmarking and Improving





in co-operation

Spanish government

5 Spanish municipalities.