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The European Committee on Local and Regional Democracy


The European Committee on Local and Regional Democracy (CDLR) was first set up in 1967 to make it possible for governments of member states to discuss issues of local and regional democracy and pave the way for greater European co-operation in this area.

At its meetings:

participants discuss contemporary local democracy concerns,

share their countryís experiences in these areas, with a view to agreeing on common guidelines for European policy development.


Approximately every two years, the CDLR Committee prepares the sessions of the Conferences of Ministers responsible for local and regional government, hosted by one of the member States (These sessions provide ministers the opportunity to discuss the latest local government topics and identify action to be taken for a future European direction.).

The CDLR prepares legal texts for adoption by the Committee of Ministers and promotes their implementation.

The CDLR also publishes reports, promotes the holding of conferences and seminars, and facilitates direct co-operation between its members.  

Areas of Activity

Democratic Participation and Public Ethics

Institutional Structure and Legal Framework

Local Finance and Public Services

Transfrontier Co-operation


Core information

CDLR Terms of Reference

Organisation Chart: CDLR within the CoE (in German)

AWIP (Achievements and Work in Progress)

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Conferences of Ministers

Kyiv 2011

Utrecht 2009

Valencia 2007

Budapest 2005

Helsinki 2002



Former Subcommittees of the CDLR