Good governance

Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Local and Regional government


VALENCIA 2007: "Good local and regional governance -the European Challenge"


The ministers further endorsed the Strategy on Innovation and Good Governance at Local Level, which aims to mobilise action by national and local authorities through a public commitment to 12 Principles of Good Democratic Governance. The Strategy foresees that governments and associations of local authorities will agree on specific action programmes and provides for the creation of a European Label of Innovation and Good Governance and a European Award for Excellence for local authorities. In the final declaration the ministers agreed to improve the integration of foreign residents in local life, and requested a report to be prepared for the next ministerial conference on democratic participation in member states, including the participation of foreigners.


Conference themes

Under the overarching theme “Good Local and Regional Governance - the European Challenge”, the two main themes of this session pertained to the two levels of local and regional democracy:

Citizens at the heart of local democracy

European practice and recent developments in the field of regional self-government



Valencia Declaration


European Democracy Week

At Valencia the Council of Europe, in partnership with national associations of local authorities, launched a new annual pan-European event, the "European Local Democracy Week" aimed at promoting citizen participation at local level all over Europe.