Good governance

Committee of Experts on good democratic governance at local and regional level (LR-GG)


Former Subcommittee

Composed of governmental experts from Council of Europe member states the new Committee flagged up the notion of “good democratic governance” as the general concept embracing its main matters of interest. This followed the ministerial session of Valencia where the “Strategy on Innovation and Good Governance” was adopted and its implementation launched. The Committee’s remit encompassed the issues of democratic participation and public ethics at local level, previously dealt with by the LR-DP Committee. Local authorities faced increasingly complex social and economic challenges that needed to be responded to as well as, in many cases, a trend towards low participation rates in local affairs. Good democratic governance by local authorities is believed to be the key to responding to these challenges and a better understanding of member states’ current policies in this area was intended to help member States in the development of more effective approaches. This Committee's terms of reference were discontinued in 2012.


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