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Committee of Experts on Finance and Public Services at Local and Regional Level (LR-FL)


Former Subcommittee

Composed of governmental experts from Council of Europe member states, the Committee was set up to look at how to improve matters of local and regional authority finance. At the end of last century, one of its principal topics was the management and funding of urban public transport, considered by many to have more of a direct effect on the public well-being than any other urban planning issue. More recently it has drawn up two major recommendations on both revenue raising and managing budgets at local level. A third one on local public services is currently under consideration. To be read in conjunction with a number of reports on local finance, the two recommendations show, amongst other things, how authorities should set benchmarks for evaluating past performance, how they may raise their own revenues, how they should deal with risk management, as well as emphasises to governments the importance of ensuring that authorities have adequate resources for carrying out the tasks expected of them.


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