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Committee of Experts on Democratic Participation and Public Ethics at Local and Regional Level (LR-DP)


Former Subcommittee

Composed of governmental experts from Council of Europe member states, it was set up in 2004 to examine the experience of member states in trying to strengthen and increase citizen participation at local and regional level. In the face of low election turn-out Europe-wide and the growing trend towards selective participation in local affairs by citizens when a personal interest is at stake, it is believed that a better understanding of member states’ current policy in this area could help in the development of more effective strategies, with a positive effect for citizen participation. Some of the Committee’s future activities will include taking a closer look at the impact of citizen participation in public life and what measures can be taken to ensure citizens have a clear understanding of politics and its limitations, as well as the continued monitoring of policy in this area, participation trends generally and the sharing of information and experiences at local, national and European level.


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