Good governance

Institutional Structure and Legal Framework


Improving effectiveness through stronger structure

Local governments are a key element in European political systems. They provide a wide range of services and are critical actors in the development of the social and economic well-being of their citizens. The CDLR examines issues relating to the legal and institutional framework of local authorities, how they are structured and how they operate throughout the different member states, and considers ways for reinforcing, harmonising and improving the local authority machinery. To date, a variety of subjects have been treated, such as the difficulties and obstacles state authorities have to overcome when preparing and implementing territorial reforms, or institutional dialogue between the different levels of government on subjects of common interest or shared competence. A study was also carried out to investigate how the size of territorial communities can impact their effectiveness. Work on this theme over the next few years will focus on good practice in regional self-government and in intermunicipal co-operation. A series of reports on structure and operation of local and regional democracy can be found in our library, and is a collection of reports prepared by member states, with the latest information.


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Committee of Experts on local and regional government institutions and co-operation (LR-IC) (former subcommittee)

Committee of Experts on the legal framework and institutional structure of local and regional government (LR-FS) (former subcommittee)

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