Good governance

Achievements: Institutional Structure and Legal Framework

First and foremost are the Council of Europeís standards. The European Charter of Local Self-Government is the continentís only legally binding and, without a doubt, leading standard on the topic. States joining the Council of Europe are obliged to become party to it.

The respect for the provisions of the Charter is monitored by the Congress - see further information on the Congress web-site.

The Committee of Ministers has also adopted a number of important recommendation to member States on the topic.  See "Resources in Local and Regional Democracy".

Furthermore, a range of reports on the subject are were adopted by the CDLR. See "Resources in Local and Regional Democracy".

Currently, work is going on to examine developments on regional self-government, inter-municipal co-operation, and relations between central and local authorities. Reports on these topics are to be completed and made public late 2006, early 2007.