Workshops on certification of e-voting

Strasbourg, 31 May – 1st June 2010

. Discussion paper (by Melanie Volkamer)
. Programme
. Certification hierarchy document
. Scheme on « Activities to guarantee secure and reliable evoting » (Ülle Madise, Estonia)
. Concept note, Moldova
. Presentation by Melanie Volkamer
. List of participants

Strasbourg, 27 September 2010

. Programme
. Evaluation of evoting systems (Melanie Volkamer, Center for Advanced Security Research, Darmstadt)
. Evoting certification chart
. List of participants
. Presentation by Miroslaw Kutilowski (Certification of evoting systems)
. Scheme on evoting systems

Strasbourg, 26-27 November 2010

. Report and conclusions, by the Rapporteur, Jordi Barrat, University of Alicante

. Introduction by Michael Remmert, Council of Europe
. Programme
. Discussion paper , by Jordi Barrat
. Presentation by Melanie Volkamer (Evaluation and certification of internet voting systems regarding security requirements)
. Presentation by Daniel Konrad, A-SIT Austria (Certification of evoting software used at Austrian students Union elections 2009)
. Presentation by Michel Trouveroy, Brussels Capitale ( (Elections communales 2006)
. Presentation by Michel Marti, SMSI (Geneva approach to evoting)
. Presentation by Ingo Boltz (Evote system certification in the USA)
. Presentation by Üle. Madise, National Electoral Committee, Estonia (Auditing of internet voting system in Estonia)
. List of invited participants