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Eastern Partnership Facility

Project 1: Supporting electoral standards, especially in pre-electoral periods

The goal is to build better compliance with electoral standards. The project’s aims are to:

  • Prepare electoral administrations to better fulfil their tasks;

  • Prepare NGOs to better fulfil their role as observers and provide constructive criticism about the electoral process;

  • Make voters aware of their role in the functioning of democratic elections and increase their participation;

  • Bring electoral legislation and implementation in line with European standards (principally, the Code of Good Practice in Electoral Matters);

  • Ensure media freedom is better respected during electoral periods and that the right of all candidates to have access to the media are observed.

Activities include:

  • Reviewing electoral legislation with central electoral commissions, parliaments, competent ministries and, if necessary, representatives of political parties, mainly through legal appraisals provided by the Venice Commission;

  • Training election administrators and observers, producing training and information material in local language(s);

  • Working with the media on issues specific to elections/campaigns.


Eastern Partnership Council of Europe Facility (DoA)

Eastern Partnership Project on Support to Free and Fair Elections (DoA)

Council of Europe Project Co-ordinators for the Electoral component of the Eastern Partnership Facility:
Mr François Friederich,
Head of Electoral Assistance and Census Division, Directorate General of Democracy (DG-II)

Ms Ana Rusu,

Electoral Assistance and Census Division, Directorate General of Democracy (DGII)

For activities of the Enlarged Agreement on Democracy Through Law (“Venice Commission”):
Mr Pierre Garrone,
Head of Elections and Referendums Division

M. Gaël Martin-Micallef,
Elections and Referendums Division