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Voters' Information / Women


Women's participation lifeWorkshop "Women's participation in public and political life in Moldova: current situation and major trends"

Chisinau, 26-28 April 2013

A three day national workshop on "Women's participation in public and political life in Moldova: current situation and major trends" was held in Chisinau.

The major aim of the workshop was to analyze and assess the current context of women's participation in public and political life of the country, and discuss the obstacles, opportunities and trends to increase women's involvement in the processes of democratization. Participants held an exchange views on the improvement of gender equality in Moldova facilitated by experts in the field of gender. National speakers developed presentations on major trends and best practices in the field of gender equality and women’s advancement.

Agenda / List of participants / Summary

Women in public ans political lifeWomen in public and political life

Tsakhkadzor (Armenia), 14-17 March 2013

A seminar on "Women in public and political life" was organized by the Yerevan School of Political Studies.

Armenian women leaders from the National Assembly, Government, political parties, municipalities, mass media and civil society, coming from different regions of Armenia, attended the event together with many local experts. The seminar highlighted the achievements of Armenian women and the challenges they face in realizing their rights and achieving gender equality. A special session was organized by the Vice–President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia. At the end of the seminar a report on the “Participation of Women in public and political life” was issued.

Agenda / List of participants / Summary

Women in public lifeParticipation of women in public life - first meeting within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Facility

Tbilisi, 7-8 February 2012

On 7-8 February 2012, female parliamentarians and civil society representatives from the EaP countries gathered in Tbilisi to discuss the role of gender in elections, political parties and media, and to exchange experiences on reconciling professional and family lives. Council of Europe experts on gender issues and on elections, including from the Venice Commission, contributed to the discussions. Members of the Secretariat of the Council of Europe coming from Strasbourg and from the CoE Office in Tbilisi, the European Union Delegation in Tbilisi (the Deputy Head), a representative from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (the Head of the Turkish Delegation to the PACE), and representatives from the State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, also attended this event.

The seminar was a unique occasion for female parliamentarians and representatives of the civil society to meet and exchange views on common challenges they face in the public life.

Agenda / List of participants / Summary