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The European Commission for Democracy through Law, better known as the Venice Commission, is the Council of Europe's advisory body on constitutional matters. Established in 1990, the commission has played a leading role in the adoption of constitutions that conform to the standards of Europe's constitutional heritage.

Initially conceived as a tool for emergency constitutional engineering, the commission has become an internationally recognised independent legal think-tank. Today it contributes to the dissemination of the European constitutional heritage, based on the continent's fundamental legal values while continuing to provide “constitutional first-aid” to individual states. The Venice Commission also plays a unique and unrivalled role in crisis management and conflict prevention through constitution building and advice.

The Commission meets in plenary four times a year - in March, June, October and December - in Venice, in Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista.



Electoral managments Bodies' Conference, June 2013

Web:  http://www.venice.coe.int/webforms/events/?id=1704

 Seminar on the use of aministrative resources during electoral campaigns, April 2013:

Web: http://www.venice.coe.int/webforms/events/?id=1689

Electoral issues - 9th European Conference of the EMBs 04/06/2012 - 05/06/2012

Tallinn – The Venice Commission, jointly with the Central Election Commission of Estonia, organises the 9th European Conference of Electoral Management Bodies.

Kyiv - Electoral issues – 26/03/2012-27/03/2012

Assistance to the Central Electoral Commissions – 3d Eastern Partnership Facility meeting

Kyiv - The Venice Commission co-organises with the Central Election Commission of Ukraine the third Eastern Partnership Facility meeting, financed by the European Commission. The meeting is devoted to the voters' lists and registers management.

Link to the Venice Commission Web Site: